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Webinar Preview: Eliminating Serious Harm through Leadership and Collaboration

Posted on 10/08/15

Webinar Preview: Eliminating Serious Harm through Leadership and Collaboration

To err is human--and, in healthcare, potentially deadly. How can organizations minimize errors without paralyzing pharmacists and clinicians with fear of discipline or job loss when the inevitable mistake occurs?

In a webinar on October 21 at 1:00 pm Eastern, Natasha C. Nicol, PharmD, FASHP, will present strategies hospitals across the country have used to reduce the potential for harm by increasing collaboration throughout their organizations. Regardless of size, hospitals have found that effective leadership and specific cultural changes enable providers to improve care, better understand the root causes of errors, and reduce adverse events. Nicol will offer ideas that any facility can implement to encourage hospital leaders, pharmacists and other providers to change the way they look at errors, their systems and themselves.

Nicol will discuss how everyone at a hospital plays a role in patient safety and needs to look past their traditional narrow responsibilities--pharmacists for medications, nurses for patients, and physicians for oversight. “Our mistake in health care is that we have been so siloed in our efforts for our safety that it has stifled us and not allowed us to think outside the box and really affect change and impact safety,” she recently told the American Pharmacists Association.1

When executives, pharmacists, physicians and nurses work together, they can identify vulnerabilities in their operations and attitudes that potentially impair safety and develop solutions that work for staff on the unit and patients, she said. Real change requires a top-down commitment and Nicol will discuss how the full involvement of hospital leadership has enabled organizations to significantly change their culture of safety--to everyone’s benefit.

Nicol is currently the Director of Global Patient Safety Affairs at Cardinal Health. She is also a Champion for the World Health Organization’s World Alliance for Patient Safety, and past-President of the South Carolina Society of Health-System Pharmacists. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and served on the Council on Education and Workforce Development, as well as the House of Delegates. She is Program Chair for the ASHP Medication Safety Collaborative. Nicol was recognized for her work as Director of Pharmacy at McLeod Health with the ASHP Award for Excellence in Medication-Use Safety and was named Pharmacist and Mentor of the Year by SCSHP.

You can register for this webinar here.

  1. Do no harm: National collaboration among children’s hospitals improves patient safety. American Pharmacists Association. July 1, 2015.

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