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Webinar Preview: Disaster Preparedness and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Posted on 06/02/16


Disasters due to infectious disease can have a major impact on public health. Regardless of whether the disaster is due to a naturally occurring incident or an international act of bioterrorism.1 Infection preventionists play an important role in implementing protocol and procedures to keep the public safe from harm.

Many organizations have provided guidelines and best practices for disaster preparedness, including:

However, because natural disasters and infectious disease outbreaks can occur at any time − often unexpectedly − even the best thought-out, well-written plans cannot always mitigate for every issue that might arise during a disaster or outbreak.

Our webinar on Wednesday, June 8 with Angela Loving, MSN, RN, CIC will discuss basic mitigation efforts that every infection preventionist can apply in the worst of situations. Loving will also review emerging infectious diseases (including hospital pathogens), and identifying challenges in prevention and control measures.

Register for this webinar here.


1 Rebmann, T. (2009). APIC State-of-the-art Report: The role of the infection preventionist in emergency management. American Journal of Infection Control, 271-281.

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