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Webinar Preview - Departmental Excellence: Undiscovered Opportunities and Metrics in Pharmacy

Posted on 08/10/16


With the increasing pressure on healthcare facilities to improve outcomes, pharmacy departments need to be efficient in managing their processes and streamlining their approaches to solving problems.

In a webinar on August 24, Sentri7 customer Kyle Townsend, PharmD, BCPS will focus on tools used in pharmacy department’s process improvement and journey to implementation.

In the presentation, Townsend will:

  • Define basic methodologies and tools involved in process improvement
  • Define key metrics and describe their application to improve pharmacy productivity and efficiency
  • Discuss the importance of metrics to measure efficiency and manage departmental workflow and describe their application to improve pharmacy operations
  • Describe ways to utilize the electronic health record systems to quantify productivity, including estimating projected savings and developing benchmarking within a peer group

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Topics: Clinical Pharmacy

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