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The Power of Actionable Intelligence In Infection Prevention

Posted on 05/11/16


Actionable intelligence is “information that can be acted upon, with the further implication that actions should be taken”1 and is often spoken of in terms of large amounts of data that can be used to enhance performance. Within healthcare, an electronic surveillance system (ESS) can be utilized to provide actionable intelligence that can enhance your infection prevention program through the use of clinical decision support (CDS). ESS will analyze data so that you can see trends and emerging issues. Pseudomonas in your ICO? C.difficle on your med/surg floor? Have that feeling you are seeing more invasive E.coli?

An ESS such as Sentri7 can generate actionable, intelligent, and measurable alerts to help infection preventionists and clinicians manage important care and regulatory issues.

For instance, Sentri7 can provide alerts related to:

  • Healthcare-associated infection (HAI)
    • Review final, positive culture/assay results, radiology reports, surgical post-op notes, significant chemistry, hematology, and immunology results.
    • Early detection of HAIs such as CLABSI (central-line associated bloodstream infection), CAUTI (catheter-associated urinary tract infection), VAE (ventilator-associated events), and SSI (surgical site infection).
  • Isolation management
    • Track bed movements of current patients and real-time identification of admitted patients who may require institution of isolation precautions
  • Antimicrobial stewardship
    • Ensure that patients are administered the correct antibiotic via the best route, and for the appropriate duration.
    • Identify any drug-bug mismatches for therapeutic intervention

Infection preventionists are constantly challenged with new regulations, emerging diseases, and outbreak investigations, to name but a few responsibilities. An ESS can be an integral part of your program which will give you the ability to be proactive in the fight against HAIs and multidrug-resistant pathogens.

Do you have an electronic surveillance system in place for your infection prevention program? What types of alerts are most useful for you?



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