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Sentri7 Update: Measure Pharmacy Activity and Performance on Key Clinical Objectives

Posted on 12/11/15


In December 2015, Sentri7 released its reporting to enable better management of pharmacy activity and performance metrics at both the facility and the corporate level. With these new reports and dashboards, organizations can easily see whether the time spent by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians align with clinical initiatives by reviewing the number of activities documented and time devoted to specific activities.

The level of detail in each report allows pharmacy executives to identify activities that absorb a disproportionate amount of time, thus enabling pharmacists to focus on higher value endeavors. The information provided in these reports also allows organizations to determine whether increased training, streamlining of activities and reallocation of resources may have the greatest impact. Graphs provide an easy to understand visual representation showing which activities yield the greatest cost savings and which consume the most hours.


System-Level Reports

To monitor effectiveness of antimicrobial stewardship programs and other clinical intervention efforts, executives can now see 12-month trends by intervention class along with associated hard and soft cost savings. They can also monitor top drugs ranked by cost savings at the corporate, facility and pharmacist level.

Administrators can also generate reports that show which prescribers have the most interventions, what drugs or situations generate the most interventions, and how often individual prescribers accept recommendations on a monthly and 12-month trending basis. This insight can help managers  streamline clinicians’ workflow and identify individuals potentially requiring additional education.

Reporting at the facility level enables comparisons between pharmacies, including the proportion of work handled by each facility. By identifying top-performing facilities based on alignment with clinical priorities, cost savings and productivity, pharmacy executives can learn more about their best practices and share those with other groups in order to improve overall performance.


Facility-Level Reports

Such comparisons prove valuable at the facility-level as well. Managers can see how often staff members use Sentri7 the proportion of total work they performed, how staff spend their time and how much money their interventions have saved. With clear evidence of relative contribution of each pharmacist and technician, managers have additional data for staff evaluations. They can also enlist strong performers in ongoing education of others who may not understand the system to improve the total productivity and impact of the entire group.

The trending dashboard provides pharmacy executives with a readily available view of the progress of the organization as a whole and of its components over time. In addition, the ongoing cost savings associated with pharmacy activities can help calculate the return on investment for Sentri7 and for pharmacy staff in ways that speak directly to executive members.

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